Jamma 19-in-1 PCB Classic Arcade Multigame, Icade Game Board

Jamma 19-in-1 PCB Classic Arcade Multigame, Icade Game Board
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Jamma 19-in-1 PCB Classic Arcade Multigame, Multicade JAMMA PCB Arcade Game Board
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Product Details

19-in-1 Classic Horizontal
Multigame JAMMA PCB!

The one and only Original 19-in-1 PCB! :-

-: 3 Month Warranty Included :-

Item Description:

This single PCB contains 19 of the most popular classic Williams and Nintendo horizontal (displayed) arcade games ever! The 19-in-1 Classic Horizontal Multigame JAMMA PCB's are the original xx-in-1 hardware, not an unreliable knock-off! Each game has its original dip switches, which are adjusted through the built-in software menu. Another great feature is 'High Score' save, which will save the top score...even after the power is turned off! This is a brand new board, which I have thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure it is 100% functioning. Note:The 19-IN-1 PCB Board only supports 3 buttons, buttons 5 and 6 are listed in the game setup however do not connect to a standard JAMMA harness, meaning that in Defender there is no Hyperspace button and on Stargate Defender there is no hyperspace and Ivisio buttons, however the games run just as the original and play fine without these buttons.


* Universal JAMMA Connector
* User Friendly Game Selection Screen
* Free Play or Quarter/Token Option
* Supports CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) Monitors
* Supports Upright and Cocktail Cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player)
* Each Game Is Fully Customizable (Difficulty, Game Speed, Number of Lives, etc)
* Enable/Disable Specific Games
* Standard JAMMA video output or VGA output (hook PC monitor up directly)
* Uses standard arcade power supply or AT PC power supply (with standard 4-pin molex connector, the same used for hard drives/cd rom drives)

Warranty: 90 Day DOA exchange warranty only

Package Contents:
* 1 - 19-in-1 Classic Horizontal Games Collection - JAMMA PCB
* 1 - 19-in-1 Classic Horizontal Games Collection Manual

Item Requirements:
* 1 Joystick / 4 Buttons (MINIMUM)
* 2 Joysticks / 6 Buttons (OPTIMAL)
* Requires a standard JAMMA arcade game setup using a HORIZONTAL display or a standard PC VGA monitor.

Game List:

1.Defender 11.New Rally-X
2.Stargate Defender 12.Ghost’n Goblins
3.Bubbles 13.Solomon’s Key
4.Joust 14.Gradius
5.Robotron: 2048 15.Sky Kid
6.Blaster 16.Ice Climber
7.Splat 17.Super Mario Bros
8.Rally-X 18.Do! RunRun
9.Battle City 19.Kick Rider
10.Mario Bros

Click Here to see all the game screen shots!

Click Here for wiring diagrams and manuals!

Technical Notes:
Defender uses 5 buttons and Stargate Defender uses 6 buttons.

Warranty: 90 Day DOA exchange warranty only
Installation of this kit requires electronic experience, use at your own risk.

Notes: Although not necessary, I would recommend using a switchable 4/8-way joystick in the 4 way mode. The game may have a better feel with the old style 4-way joystick, as sometimes the 8-way might be too sensitive.

UPC Code: 738435731724

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