Joystick Restrictors

Switch your joystick 4 to 8 way with ease
This innovative joystick restrictor mounts to the top of the control panel and is only 3/16" thick.

 * Works with any joystick. No longer are you limited to a handful of expensive top-switchable joysticks!
 * Switches from 4-way to 8-way (and vice versa) in seconds!
 * Cost effective and easy installation for the typical user

With all of the new multi-game boards and arcades available on the market today, there is common problem. These multi-game boards have a combination of 8-way and 4-way games. For example, the 60 in 1 I-Cade jamma board: Ever try playing pacman on an 8-way joystick? The game plays horribly compared to an original 4-way joystick. Most of the multi-game cocktail arcades on the market ship with only a 4-way joystick. Well then how do you play 8-way games that are on the multi-game board such as Wild Gunman, 1942, etc?

Joy Stick Restrictor

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