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McCourry, Frank

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Phone: (440) 365-9906 Ext: 180

Fax: (440) 366-6269



I am a customer oriented solutions provider that thrives on challenging projects. My core skill is troubleshooting and problem solving. I believe that there can be many creative solutions for any one problem and I make it my goal to provide the best and most economical solutions to my customers. 

Over the years I have expanded my toolbox to include the skills necessary to develop business relationships by effectively marketing those skills and producing solutions that help businesses to thrive. 

My technical skill and sense of creativity allows me to create data and communication networks, database applications and website hosting solutions that not only help my customers, but help to inspire the team of technicians and developers I work with to produce innovative solutions that support our customers needs and exceed their expectations.

I view management as a service to be provided not only to those who hired me, but also to those who work for me. I have managed a number of teams in the Military, Ford Motor company and at my present job as the Vice President for Holland Computers, Inc. I feel that my job is well done when those I lead are able to take my position because of the skills I have passed on. 

* Windows Servers - NT3.5 through Windows 2008 Server * SQL Server database management SQL 7 through SQL 2008 * Exchange Server 5.5 through Exchange 2010  * VMWare, VCenter and ESX 4 * Customer Service  * Team Building * Merak MailServer * DNS, DHCP * Cisco routing and switching * IIS and Apache Web Servers * Spreadsheet Applications * Database Applications * Customer Service * Atrex Point of Sales * Human Resources * Team Building * Marketing and Advertising * Business Reporting