Box Store or Local?
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Box Store or Local?

Don't be fooled by cheap department store proprietary or non-modular systems!

Meaning: A proprietary system or often referred to as an integrated systems, have much of the hardware that makes up a computer built into the main board or built physically into the case of the computer.

For example: A proprietary or integrated system will have the following:

  1. An under powered power supply.
  2. Many of the parts will only be available from the manufacturer.
  3. Almost all proprietary systems are very limited as far as upgrading.
  4. The Video card, sound card, network card, modem, and all controllers are built directly into the motherboard.
  5. Cheaper systems use lower end CPU's and Chipsets including those used for the integrated components.

What does this mean to the end user?

1. Repairs will be expensive.

Anytime you are tied to one company for a replacement part it's going to be expensive. For example: a replacement power supply for a typical proprietary system starts at $145.00 and goes up. A replacement power supply for an Industrial standard clone (Non- Proprietary) system starts at $45. Why the big difference: Because there is one company selling replacement Packard Bell parts and over one million selling clone parts.

2. More frequent operating system as well as other program errors.

Systems with low end or no name chip sets have 10x the amount of windows errors as those built with Intel, Award, or Via chip sets. Most windows errors are caused by either compatibility, system driver issues; our worse yet outdated controller chips.

3. Loss of upgradability. All computers are advertised as upgradeable, but the question becomes to what extent. In most proprietary systems you can upgrade the CPU, Ram Memory, and hard drive. With non-proprietary system such as the true blue Intel components not only are they upgradeable but Intel offer a three year next day warranty replacement.

The problems that you run into are:

1. What happens after both of the two expansion slots are full? "Little Expandability"

2. How do I upgrade or replace my video card or modem if they are integrated into the systems main board? Some can be disabled and some can't, then the question becomes do I have any free slots?

3. Since the Windows operating software comes on a restore disk, how do I re-install without formatting my hard drive and losing everything when I have an operating system problem.

4. Why can't the system run the latest CPU? Low end chip sets often do not support the most current CPU's on the market.

5. Why do I have to spend hours on the phone with technical support in another country reloading my operating system? Can’t they just send a technician out to fix it?

The fact of the matter is that hardware and software is changing daily and users need systems that can adjust to these changes as easily, cost effectively, and on site if necessary.

Why should I purchase a computer from a local computer company such as Holland Computers, Inc.?

Most of larger local computer companies such as Holland Computers, Inc. have several system engineers that work very hard to test incoming system parts and build the best PC for the dollar that give both performance and dependability and can be easily upgraded. Staying clear of proprietary or integrated systems and building cutting edge systems that will give years of uninterrupted use.

The leaders of the industry such as Hewlett Packard and Dell dictate the pricing of the market, so profits are slim, but in most cases for a small difference in cost a good modular clone system will outperform a proprietary system any day. Of course cost differences may range depending on the options selected for the system but at the same time you will receive exactly the system you want or need.

Anyone that works in this industry knows that the goal is to produce a product that will perform to the customer's wishes and be ready for upcoming changes. At the same time keeping the cost factor in line with the leaders of the industry, keeping track of all returned products and eliminating those that become a problem.

Over the year’s one of the key factors in the growth of Holland Computers has been its ability to adapt to its customer needs, adapt to the ever changing industry, provide the service expected by its customers, and to build non-proprietary modular systems that perform, repair easily, and can grow with that company or person.

Our biggest demand from small business is on-site service. All system and networks designed by Holland Computers, Inc. are designed around "Minimal down time".

Down time means lost income. With a Modular Non- proprietary system repairs and upgrades can easily be done right on site, no need to send it back to the manufacturer or a factory repair center. Repairs can be as simple as changing the bad component within the system and letting the user go back to work.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the best, most complete computer repair, service, training, consultation and sales of computer and electronic equipment for business or home. Our services are provided with quality, competitive pricing, and dependability. Old fashioned values like honesty, integrity and pride in our work differentiates us from our competitors, believing that every customer is important.

At the heart of our business is family. It is our aim to remain a small, family owned business so that our customers will receive the personalized service they deserve. 

We are a full computer service company offering expert in-home or office on-site computer repairs.

We respond quickly and have you back in working condition fast. We take pride on having the knowledge and ability to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.