EzMarket Places
a product feed submission tool

EzMarket Places

EzMarket Places is a software tool that enables users to automatically submit product feeds to a variety of Comparison Search Engines (CSE). There are many steps to achieving shopping engine success, and many different choices of solutions. On the high end, there are those that come with a complete package, overloaded with bells and whistles. On the low end, there are submissions services that only submit feeds, without analyzing effectiveness. EzMarket Places falls in between. EzMarket Places offers a cycle solution that creates, categorizes, optimizes, submits, analyzes, and improves your feeds without all of the extra fatty bells and whistles, and with all of the analytics tools you need to succeed.

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Why you should choose Holland Computers & EzMarket Places:

Save Time and Resources
Each shopping engine has a different data feed specification. Which means you can’t just take a Google Product Search data feed and submit it to Amazon. You would have to review each engine’s formatting rules, create and maintain a separate tailored feed for each engine, abide by the different categorization taxonomies, create specific categories for each product, customize field names and selections and keep up with all of the periodic changes implemented by the engines. The EzMarket Places software does that all for you with the click of a few buttons.

Quality Feed Building Optimization
Have you ever made a formatting mistake that caused your top selling item to be unlisted with four of your favorite comparison engines? Do you know all Google’s 47 specific attributes? Well you’re not alone. The number of formatting mistakes and errors that could be made on the shopping engines is staggering, which forces feed builders to spend hours weekly, if not daily, formatting and loading a multitude of different feeds, each with different formats and taxonomies. EzMarket Places takes the pain out of submitting product feeds by giving users one portal to manage, filter, validate and define your product listings in a matter of minutes.

Automatic Feed Submissions
Many merchants submit their product feeds to the comparison engines as infrequently as once or twice per month. Others submit as often as they make changes to their product listings on their website and painstakingly have to submit to a multitude of search engines. Market Place Feed Builder simplifies the arduous routine of submitting product feeds by automating the process with the click of one button. It’s that easy.

Simple & Affordable Pricing
There are multiple data feed management solutions readily available, from simple feed delivery services to full-service agencies. EzMarket Places offers a solution plan that is tailored to your business with a predictable, affordable price and no revenue-sharing components.

Superb Customer Support and Guidance from Knowledgeable Experts
The Holland Computers team is made up of ecommerce experts who have been working on automated product market base submission for many years, not only providing a turnkey solution for our customers but utilizing the same technology for our own stores.

In addition, the EzMarket Places software allows users to:

  • Remove all unwanted HTML code
  • Remove duplicate SKU, MPN’s, UPC’s and Titles
  • Adds Keywords to market place feeds
  • Handle manufacturer part numbers and UPC’s
  • Allow users to filter products pertaining to CSE feed rules
  • Automatically sets user defined Business RulesManually create and submit separate feeds

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