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EzWeb Intranet

Most people know what the Internet is, and many use it both at home and at work. Another type of network that is less well known but is becoming more important in the business world is the intranet, which is a company information network. The nature of Intranets is for internal consumption only, but there is no reason why an Intranet can't be functional as well as attractive and pleasing to use. After all, who wants to work all day on a badly designed system?

Here at Holland Computers, we understand our customers' needs for having a central repository for all critical office information, as well as a system that has a usable interface.

So we developed a Company Intranet that utilizes a clean, sharp, and efficient way for users to receive company information. Our secure system not only looks good, but it also keeps things safe, and employs "What You See Is What You Get" type of editors to the fullest, so content is easily to updatable.

The Intranet system is a module of our EZWeb content management system package, and it provides similarly comprehensive administrative functionality for the management of your entire website.

For a live, no hassle demo of our EZWeb Intranet module or of the entire EZWeb Content Management System, click here to fill out our contact form or call us at 440-365-9906 Ext: 111