Search Engine Optimization
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Search Engine Optimization

Tired of competitors grabbing all of the leads and new sales because they're at the top of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines? Stand out from the crowd and have your website start working on what it was intended to do. There is no magic behind search engine placement. Achieving top listings in search engines and directories requires a planned search engine optimization (SEO) approach, methodical implementation, and measurement. Even then, no search firm can guarantee top search engine placement.

Your search engine ranking depends on the uniqueness of your search terms and the aggressiveness of your competitors' search engine marketing (SEM) plan. But done right, you should see measured improvements in your search engine positioning and increased traffic.

Our SEO services has been designed to target the main aspects vital to good placement of your site within the major search engines in use by most users of the Internet.

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Whether you're a small business, or a fortune 500 conglomeration, our simple goal is to offer you multiple solutions that make your dream website come true, all from one company.

Below is a list of some of those services offered as to how a search engine works and what is done to make these search engines work for you by driving more traffic to your web page.

Landing Page Solutions:

Gone are the days where the only entrance to your site was your home page, and you could rely on pages of keywords for search rankings. But now, with the advanced intelligence of Search Engines, you have to rely on content driven websites.

What we do, is we create simple and non-distracting landing pages, that contain key html elements such as headings with clear calls to action, so the search engine spider recognizes what that page is all about and the user doesn’t get distracted away from what you want them to do – which is convert!

Link Building

Search Engines favor web sites exhibiting higher levels of trust and authority. This trust is established based on the quality and volume of link popularity established for the web site being judged. Link popularity is determined by the quality and volume of external web sites linking to the web site being judged.

So we offer several effective Link Building programs, from utilizing social media shares to managing blog content, that are customized base upon you’re SEO marketing goal and budget.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Expensive but effective, PPC is the fastest way to leads and sales. Pay-Per-Click campaigns are paid Ad’s, placed near the top of search results based on key search phrases. They work along the lines of phone book ads, but are much more cost effective.

We will manage these campaigns for you, by zeroing in on the best converting keywords before accelerating the program. We work with major PPC's such as Google AdWords and Overture (yahoo) to ensure you keep within your preset spending limits.

All the automation in the world is useless to you without a pay per click advertising strategy that is based on "service" — on knowledge, expertise and advice that comes from successfully managing PPC campaigns for many other marketers over a long period of time.

We have an entire paid search marketing team that's dedicated solely to managing your pay per click advertising campaign both proactively and reactively.

XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is a XML file that’s submitted to search engines such as Google, which indexes your site. It’s basically like telling Google in person that you have a site, and then list the pages that make up your site.

Our sitemap service is an automated service that scans, builds, and submits your sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing – and it does it completely hands-free.

 This saves site owners and developers hours of work each week, and keeps search engines up dot date with the most current version of your website.

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