Managed Backup Service
get fast, reliable backups for all of your computers

Managed Backup Service

With Holland Computers Managed Backup, you get fast, reliable backups for all of your computers with a fixed price. No fees for additional computers, no surcharges, just backups that work without breaking the bank! Our system works in the background, requires no hardware and is so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Local backups don’t work because they never leave your site. If your business is hit with a disaster such as fire or flooding, you can rest easy, knowing that your data is securely backed up in SAS70 data centers located in multiple locations in the United States. Even a natural disaster that wipes out an entire town cannot destroy your data! We even offer a data restore guarantee!

Your data is encrypted – BEFORE it leaves your computer. This means that no one can see the contents of your backups except you. Our backup is HIPPA Compliant! Best of all, you get the award winning support of our staff through telephone email and our support site. And at 45 cents per GB, there is no reason you should ever lose data! Sign up today and see the difference!

  Documents only Backup
  • Protects your critical documents from loss due to Ransomware, viruses and malware.
  • You can restore any version of a backed up document from the last 28 days in seconds
  • 2 backups per day of valuable office files
  Full Workstation Backup
  • Fully-featured, professional workstation backup
  • Full system backup including the system state
  • Fully customize data selection & scheduling-2 storage locations: local & cloud
  • Restore single files or an entire workstation (bare-metal recovery)
  • Restore and entire workstation to a virtual machine that will run on Hyper-V, VMware and Virtual Box.
  Full Server Backup
  • Physical-to-virtual recovery: If your physical hardware is unavailable, you can recover the server as a virtual machine.
  • Bare metal protection: Regular backups of boot volume, system state, applications, and system data to help ensure that you’re prepared for any disaster.
  • Better resource usage: By tracking only changes rather than full files, backups become so quick that they no longer have to be scheduled during off-hours.
  • Virtualization support: Natively supports both VMware® ESX and Hyper-V® platforms.
  • Comprehensive platform support: With support for Microsoft Windows®, Linux, Mac OS X®, VMware, and Hyper-V.
Full Backup Archiving
Add Archiving to any full backup, workstation or server, and extend your recovery options from 28 days up to 1 year.

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