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About Us

Established in 1989, Holland Computers has been serving Northeast Ohio for 34 years. Over that time, Holland Computers has grown beyond just a computer repair shop. Providing sales and service for computer, networking, telephone and communications systems has always been the staple of their business.

Since 1989, they have added many products and services such as website and application development, point of sales systems, email services, remote backup services, managed IT services and data center design and installation. This is one company that can provide multiple technology solutions, a true one stop shop for business and consumers.

With degrees in computer science, electronic engineering, and application design William R. Holland founded Holland Computers, Inc. William based his business in Sheffield Village and later purchased the current location at 483 N. Abbe Road in Elyria. His vision is to build a company that provides technology solutions to local businesses and individuals without having the hassle of using multiple vendors. His vision continues to bring growth and proven IT solutions to local and surrounding communities.

Computer repair is the mainstay of this business. With a large staff of service technicians, both in shop and deployed in service vehicles, they have been keeping businesses running by eliminating viruses, repairing computers, servers, network systems and printers, implementing new technology and installing new computer, networking and telephone systems. Timely service, coupled with an honest approach to solving problems, have given Holland Computers a reputation for being the company to seek out for repair and servicing of your IT needs.

Telephone communications has always been a necessary, yet complicated part of running any business. Holland Computers has been repairing and implementing phone systems since the early 1990’s. With the recent opening of phone markets in Lorain County, Holland Computers can now offer businesses alternative services to what the phone companies have had a monopoly on in the past. They have done this by partnering with Corporate Technologies. This means that Businesses are free to choose Holland Computers to not only install and maintain new phone systems, but they can also look to this company for lower communications cost and alternative telephone services.

E-Commerce is everywhere; it’s the preferred customer’s choice. While the corner shops are disappearing in the wake of the big box stores, small businesses are turning to e-commerce as a solution to reduce the costs of brick and mortar shops that can only service a small area. Holland Computers is helping the small business owner reach out to new customers with shopping carts, mass email marketing systems and website development that gets their company noticed in a sea of e-commerce that flooding the Internet. A team of developers is bringing these solutions to a worldwide market, helping the small business in Lorain County grow by bringing the power of the Internet and the world to their door.

Competition is tough in today’s economy. Small and medium businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits. Holland Computers has the technology, resources and staff to help the small and medium business owner realize the dreams and visions they have for their companies.