Network Analysis
a simple network analysis can reveal problems that can bring your network down.

Network Analysis

How often do you find yourself re-starting your computer because

  • It stops responding or network is running slow.
  • You’ve lost access to the file server.
  • You are unable to get on the Internet?
  • You are unable to print to a network printer?
  • Data has been lost due to a virus or ad-ware.

These are just a few symptoms of either an improperly configured or failing network.  A simple network analysis can reveal problems that can bring your network to its knees.

How it Works

Using state-of-the-art tools and software, Holland Computers Network Engineers will examine every aspect of your network and provide you with a detailed report that outlines the changes, updates, and repairs needed to tune your network for optimal performance.

  • A physical inspection will reveal any cable and hardware problems that can prevent or hinder network connectivity.
  • A protocol analysis will reveal configuration problems such as the use of unnecessary protocols, excessive broadcasts and errors.
  • A security analysis will provide you with a view of outsiders, or even worse, an employee’s ability to attack and gain access to network resources and information that they should not have. With the ever growing threats of viruses and spy ware continues to grow, we evaluate your existing antivirus and intrusion protection.
  • A complete consultation report will contain all of this information as well as professional recommendations and a detailed plan to accomplish the task of making your network perform for you.

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and improve your productivity

Lost productivity and high total cost of ownership are a side effect of networks poorly configured and not properly maintained.  Holland Computers can help you put those lost profits back into your pocket by analyzing and repairing the network problems that threaten your productivity and T.C.O.

To get started, speak to a Holland Computers certified service technician at (440) 365-9906 Ext.200 or contact us using our contact form.