Atrex Point of Sales Solution
for the business that desires complete control over stock levels and inventory tracking

Atrex Point of Sales Solution

Atrex is an inventory control/point-of-sale (POS) package for the business that desires complete control over stock levels and inventory tracking. Designed for the Microsoft Windows environment, Atrex is comprehensive, intuitive, and easy to use. 
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Rather than being designed for any one specific industry, Atrex is designed to be usable by most retail or wholesale operations. Current Atrex installations include computer retailers, pet stores, crafters, motorcycle dealers, automotive repair shops, locksmiths, government agencies, wholesalers, and many other industries.

If you're tired of running your business by hand, computerization is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to increase the profits of your business. Computerization allows you to quickly determine how much stock you have on hand, see when you are running low on certain items without having to do a physical inventory, create and generate a mailing list of customers to promote repeat business, and keep a history of your sales. Simply put, we are in the business of making your business more efficient.

If your business is already computerized and you're looking for a new inventory/point-of-sale control program, Atrex has import capabilities for customers, stock codes and vendors.

Holland Computers Atrex services include:
  • Training, installation and configuration
  • Custom programming and modification
  • Custom report designCredit card gateway setup and installation
  • Customized product import and price updates from vendors
  • Install a portable inventory scanning unit and collection
  • Provide complete custom barcode solutions
  • Integrate into complete E-Commerce solutions
Atrex Features Include:
  • Point-of-sale invoicing, order entry, and quotations
  • Recurring invoicing
  • Purchase orders
  • Vendor and Customer returns RMAs
  • Multi-job service orders
  • Available Add-On for importing and exporting to osCommerce and EzWeb shopping carts.
  • Support for temporary "show" locations
  • Simple receivables, payables, and bank account tracking
  • 20 character alphanumeric stock codes
  • Handles serialized, non-serialized, container, and assembly items
  • Add customers, vendors, and stock codes during a transaction
  • Multiple pricing levels (5), unlimited pricing categories, and automatic price adjustments
  • 90+ standard reports
  • Uses a high speed embedded database engine with Client/Server capabilities
  • Available ODBC driver allows for external reporting
  • Import capabilities for stock codes, customers, and vendors
  • Store notes on individual customers, stock codes, or transactions
  • Bad check/debt indicators
  • Barcode reader support
  • Prints stock code labels with bar codes
  • Menu level security
  • Cash drawer support
  • Data backup capabilities built in
  • All transactions are real time to allow up-to-the minute reporting
  • Support for multiple date formats, open phone number fields, and alphanumeric postal codes
  • Network and multi-user ready
  • Supports add on tax rates
  • Credit card authorization available through PCCharge, ICVerify, and Paymentech via Versatalis Payment Solutions
Atrex Online Training:  
  • Getting Started: An overview of how to use Atrex. This includes the basics of setting up Atrex for your company, creating inventory items, invoicing, purchase orders, and how to make backups of your data.
  • Beyond the Basics: More detailed information on how to use specific functions and areas within Atrex. Topics include (but are not limited to) email setup, multiple locations, network setup, client/server setup and importing data. 
  • Report Designer Basics: How to use the report designer to create new reports or customize existing reports in Atrex 12 and newer. Covers topics such as using report maintenance window, report designer basics, adding a company logo to a template, creating user defined reports, and how to correct errors in reports after making changes.
  • Advanced Report Design: Covers more advanced skills for use with the Atrex report designer. Covers topics such as creating new dataviews, the designer calc tab, conditionally showing or hiding objects, and creating sub-reports.

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    Licenses  Monthly Per License Price 
    1 $30.00
    2 - 4 $27.50
    5 - 7 $25.00
    8 - 10 $22.50
    11+ $20.00
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