Managed Networks and Firewalls
Optimizing and Securing Your Network

Managed Networks and Firewalls

Managing your network is easy when you let the professionals at Holland Computers help.  We monitor and maintain your network equipment to ensure that you always stay connected to your servers, the Internet and network devices like printers, cameras, IP phones and the like.  The fact is, networks, even the small ones have become very complex.  The use of VLANs, multiple Internet connections and the multitude of devices that use Ethernet and Wi-Fi has grown from the days of simple computer/server networks.  Now you have to consider Power Over Ethernet devices, VOIP prioritization, multiple protocols and above all, security.

Managed Networks and Firewalls We have the experience and knowledge that comes from building networks for over 25 years.  We have built Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs) for customers large and small.  We work with fiber, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and other mediums, knowing how to best implement each to fit your needs.  We have relationships with many carriers and can help you find the best company to provide Internet and Private network services like PRIs, MPLS and VPNs.  We build on these technologies to provide solutions that fit your business.

 Once the network is built, the work is not over.  You need to monitor and maintain the equipment, access, and security of the network.  We will document the entire network, then monitor your switches and firewalls to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your business.  We can provide firewalls with intrusion prevention and active blocking that not only protect your network from currently known attacks, but also new attacks as they are discovered.  This reduces unwanted use of your bandwidth and threats to your network as well as increasing your Internet access speed and security.

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