Software and App Development
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Software and App Development

Holland Computers recognizes the rising cost involved in application development. So that’s why we offer affordable, turn-key solutions for any sized business by implementing current software development techniques that make large, positive impressions. Our development team delivers a complete service to the customers, which includes Project Management, Design, Development, Implementation, Training, and Support.

With our team, each project receives the complete solution that provides our customers with the flexibility to concentrate on their business priorities while we handle their technical needs.

Our rapid application development processes are achieved by the collaboration of the team, thus minimizing research, solution planning, trouble shooting, and bug fixes.

Our Building Process

Readiness Assessment and Migration Planning

While Microsoft's .NET framework offers significant advantages over other solutions the re-engineering and migration of a project must be well planned and carefully executed. Our Readiness Assessment Program will provide you with a clear road-map to help in your decision making. The readiness assessment includes a high level assessment of your current architecture, analysis of the impact of migrating to Microsoft's .NET framework and recommendations on a migration strategy. Holland Computers, Inc. has significant experience re-engineering existing solutions on many platforms.


During the envisioning phase both the development team as well as the customer will begin to define or refine the business rules for the project as well as cover the overall goals of the project. Alignment of business and IT priorities in this phase is the main focus at which time the development team will spend time envisioning the architecture for the project. During this phase the development team will also begin to identify any mitigation risks which may be incurred. The envisioning phase culminates in the form of a vision approved milestone which indicates that the team and customer agree on the project direction.


During the planning phase the development team lays out the final architecture for the software design as well as determines a more specific set of environmental requirements needed to run the newly developed application. The end of the phase is marked by the approval of the project plan by the customer. Our extensive experience with Microsoft platforms as well as established processes, strong QA and pioneer work in the Microsoft .NET framework environment allows us to offer high quality and reasonably priced development of multi-tiered web and windows applications.


During this phase the team moves from project planning into project development. This phase includes the actual programming of the application around the architecture laid out during the envisioning and planning phases of the project. At the end of the development phase a complete working copy of the software is made available for the next phase.


During the stabilization phase the development team collects and integrates feedback on the version released at the end of the development phase. Using this feed back the development team resolves project related issues as well as makes modifications to the architecture of the software if needed. After completing development of these changes the stabilization phase is started again and repeated until a final version is made ready for deployment.

Deployment and Training

After the application has been completed and a version finalized the development team will begin the deployment of the new software package as well as begin training the users and offer service and support as needed. During this phase feedback and information from users is taken into consideration for future software enhancements. Minus minor and bug fix releases any future versions of the software which are considered major releases begin once again with the readiness assessment and migration planning phase all the way through to the end in order to ensure only the highest quality software will be released as a new version.

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