Custom Server Platform
server framework and platform installations and components

Custom Server Platform

Here at Holland Computers, we build customized server platforms to fit any type of business or home office.

New game, new rules

You have to secure your e-business in ways you never imagined before. With so much riding on the bottom line and your underlying IT infrastructure, any breach in e-business security can affect critical data. It can impact your workforce wherever they are. It can drive away customers damaging your good name and business value. So you’ve got to protect your investment 24/7 Without fail.

Our Managed Security Services can provide vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, firewall and incident management solutions to help you identify threats before they threaten your enterprise.

The Framework

Utilizing Intel’s Server Building Blocks, our servers are built to last. Multi-Processors for ultimate performance, RAID 5 hard drive array for data availability and integrity, redundant power supplies for maximum up time. Our servers are crafted to your needs and are scalable to meet the demands of tomorrow.

But that’s not all. Beyond managed security, we have other winning solutions to help you and address safety and security: operational resilience, systems scalability, networking and system support. All customized to your needs and budgets.

Our service professionals can work with you to build methodologies and strategies that will improve your overall defenses for today's concerns and tomorrow’s unknowns.

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