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EzWeb Modules

Contact Us Routing Center

The contact us routing center module offers a complete web based contact system that allows users to ask questions or comment on a product or service via your web site. After a visitor submits the Contact Us form, the system sends an auto confirmation receipt as well as an internal notification to the person or persons that are in charge of fielding contacts regarding the visitor selected route in the online form. All inbound contacts are captured and stored within the database as a search-able reference archive. Contacts stored in this archive can easily be exported in csv format for use in external programs as well.

Email/Form Letters

The EZWeb email marketing and notification system allows your business to easily maintain and manage multiple mailing lists. Circulate your current specials, newsletters and press releases as well as any other information your customers may find interesting quickly and easily. This system allows you to except mailing list sign-ups from your website as well as import existing lists from numerous mail clients. The system also allows for automatic opt outs for current members of your list. Mailing lists can also be further separated by creating categories inside each mailing list to circulate your mailings to a more specific audience.

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Dynamic Page Editor

The dynamic page content editor allows for content management of single page information. Website pages that are controlled by this module would include your about us page, privacy policy and ordering policy as well as any other content you may wish to be placed on your site. Along with simple text the dynamic page content editor gives users the capability to add photos and graphics to their pages as well as media such as Adobe Acrobat documents and multimedia content.

Dynamic Forms Editor

Create your own forms using the custom forms module quickly and easily from the EZWeb web based administrative back-end. Gather the data you need from your visitors and have it sent to specific email addresses within your organization. Create as many different forms as you need to collect the most pertinent data from your visitors.

Calendar Events

The online calendar events module allows for easy placement of calendar events on your website. Upcoming events may be display on front page a well as in a separate events calendar portion of your web site. A complete archive of all events in online calendar display that can be easily navigated is also made available to your visitors. Events can be added quickly using the web based administrative back-end which allows you to add not only the event but more detailed information and optional links to other online resources related to the event posted.

Photo Gallery/Display Libraries

With EZWeb photo gallery module your organization has instant access to a full service integrated solution to help you get your graphical content under control while allowing people easy access to the images they would like to see on your products or services. Create multiple galleries and upload images to them directly from the EZWeb web based administrative back end.

News Center

The news and press release module allows administrators to easily display both their news items as well as press releases to the public through their web site. Items can be easily added by importing pre-made documents into the system or via free format editing. Administrators also have the ability to select the start and stop times that information will be displayed on site. Built in search engine optimization helps engines pick up your news and related website information as well.


The links and resources module allows you to direct visitors to other websites and resources that are synergistic with your site. All links and resources are group by categories that can be easily added using the web based administrative back-end. This module optionally supports click through counting as well as allow for visitor ratings of resources.

Frequently Asked Questions Editor

The frequently asked questions module offers users answers to questions that are frequently asked of your business. The FAQ module breaks down question into categories as well as lists most recently added and most viewed questions on the modules main page allowing visitors to quickly and easily find answers to their questions.

Document Portal

The EZWeb document center module offers a secure document sharing system for all your your intranet as well as internet users. The document center module is a great place to store items such as operation manuals, policies and procedures, sales promotions, reports, drawings as well as many other files in an online search-able document portal accessible from any internet connected device by your users. Updated files are automatically published and indexed into your intranet or internet portal as Acrobat, Flash Paper, Word or any of many other formats. Permissions on access to files can be set on both a user or group level to ensure the security of your documents.


A user restricted company information network that is used for internal consumption, and utilizes a clean, sharp and efficient way for users to receive company information.

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