Microsoft Select License
volume licensing for medium and large institutions

Microsoft Select License

Select License for Academic provides volume licensing for medium and large institutions with approximately 250 or more PCs that are able to forecast their license needs over a three-year period. Each licensed product within Select License for Academic has an assigned point value, which allows your institution to establish a special academic price level by meeting a minimum forecast of license acquisitions.

With Select License for Academic, you can add Software Assurance to an individual license, or you can select Software Assurance Membership (SAM) for an entire pool of products. You can also pass on the savings of Select License for Academic to your students by including a Student Select enrollment with your Select License for Academic agreement.

Special benefits of Select License for Academic include:

Simple license acquisitions

Acquire the new licenses you need, when you need them.


You acquire and pay for licensed products and Software Assurance, a comprehensive maintenance program, as you need them.

Software for training purposes

You may use up to 20 copies of most Microsoft licensed products for evaluation and training.

Investment value

Through Software Assurance, you can easily stay current and receive even more benefits such as support resources, tools, and Microsoft E-Learning courses.